December 15th, 2003


How to be cool, really cool in BDSM

All the recent talks are converging on this theme or these near to it… The sharp rise of aversion to LS is discussed albeit the problem lays not at all here … Talks are going on destitution of real Doms or subs – but they can be met freely… The truth is that they are rather prone to meet one another but that’s really an oddity, isn’t it? Talkers about the squalor of the preaching ones aren’t remembering the SUBJECT of the preachments anymore. To say it short a crisis of the form is arrived. How to become a cool one? The exact meaning of the word ‘cool’ as it used here needs to be formulated from the very beginning. The cool one isn’t the one who is professional, or desirable, or tall and mighty. NO. The cool one is the person with whom it’s nice to mix. You can be and stay forth a total ignoramus concerning safety, you can rant out any jazz about some Codex statutes new-coined by yourself, you can profess back-alley morals and strings – shortly, you can be either a vanilla or a jerk. BUT. You can be a cool jerk at that. It would dawn on you that people are able to find excuses for your faults when they feel themselves comfortable with you. That they are ready to help to rectify your errors, willing to tolerate your blunders and watch your back. The recommendations are divided into two groups – for Tops that are called Doms here but the advice is good for sadists as well, and for bottoms called subs here albeit maso and slaves are too coming in the category. The truth is that both parts are useful for Tops and bottoms alike. Each of the parts addresses one group directly and the other… well… really also directly but it isn’t very noticeable from the first glance …
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а еще чото я задумался туту - може дизайн жж в очередной раз переваять...